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Ghost Mouse

Ghost Mouse
 How can you reach the end if you're invisible?

Full Description:
How can you reach the end if you're invisible?

-Invisible mouse!
-15 levels
-2 modes, 3 sub-modes
Mouse Only.

Developer Commentary:
I was browsing FGL and came across the page "Your fastest game" which was quite interesting to see so many good games in such short time. So I decided to give it a shot myself.
The result is Ghost Mouse, I brainstormed for about 30 minutes and came up with it. The whole idea was to go from A to B with an invisible mouse, only later I realized I was actually making a maze game heh.

Still even being a maze game I think it's a pretty cool twist and it also features a basic maze mode where the mouse is always visible.

Development duration:
5:30 hours