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Mothership Defender

Mothership Defender
 Defend your Mothership from the evil aliens!

Full Description:
Defend your Mothership from the evil aliens!

-7 different enemy spaceships each with it's own AI
-Awesome particle effects
-Dynamically generated levels
-Addicting gameplay
-Several stats to compare with your friends!
Mouse click to fire.

Developer Commentary:
Was quite fun developing this game, started just to make a quick game (actually code name was 2hourgame.swf), turned out to take 12hours but it was still great developing it especially coding the particle effects.
Explosion code was actually pretty simple, it just generated a fixed number of 2 by 2 black squares with a glow effect of a random range of red/orange colors.
Then I just rotated each of them to make a full circle and the enterframe event moves the particles forward on a random(0,1) speed.

Development duration:
12 hours